Want your child to go to college? Get some books.

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It is widely understood that having educated parents increases a child’s success in school.  A new study shows that  having lots of books in your home  is even more important.  This factor is even more important than the parents’ level of education.  Mariah Evans, a sociologist from the University of Nevada at Reno, studied 73, 000 people in 27 countries and found that when more books are  in the home, children receive an educational boost and are more likely to move ahead in school.  A child in a home with 500 books achieves three more years of education than a child with similarly educated parents who had no books in the home.  There was some benefit with as few as 20 books.  “You get a lot of bang for your book,” said Evans. 

Start reading to your babies early –when they are in the womb — and keep it up.  Nightly reading before bed is an important routine that enriches a child’s imagination.  Reading and being surrounded by books is great for the whole family!

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