Protect Yourself and Your Unborn Baby

May 1, 2010 at 2:00 am 1 comment

Do you know that our babies in utero pass more biological milestones than at any other period of life? This is the scientific conclusion of Peter Nathanielsz, MD, PHD, who has conducted extensive research for the new field of prenatal programming, which he calls “the new science of the womb.” In his book, The Prenatal Prescription, he emphasizes that health professionals and the public need to know the causes and consequences of healthy versus non-healthy pregnancy. Suboptimal conditions can cause fetal development to go awry, particularly with the brain and nervous system.

What do expectant mothers need to consider? All of the baby’s organs are developing in the first trimester.  Exposure to toxic substances and chemicals, flu, alcohol, cigarettes, many medications and high levels of stress can impair the baby’s physical health, with impacts that can continue into adulthood. . The mother’s health is the single most important factor influencing her baby’s earliest development. She needs to pay attention to the quality of her health and nutrition during her pregnancy and before conception. Do you know that boys require more nutrients as their cells grow faster than girls do? Thus be aware, stay active and fit, keep your stress lowered, eat well and enjoy being closely connected to your baby in womb.  

 An expecting woman needs to be careful about what she is exposed to, what goes into her mouth and even on her face! I recommend that pregnant women go on to the website check out the effects of various medications. For example, a medication for acne called accutane can cause birth defects and prematurity. It is harmful to take antidepressant medications during pregnancy without medical advice.

Prevention is the goal to optimal infant development. Although genes play a factor, the mother has the responsibility to consciously and conscientiously create a healthy womb and placenta where nutrients, love and hormones are circulating for the benefit of infant physical and psychological well-being into adulthood.

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  • 1. kimmy8989  |  May 2, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    Great post and thanks for sharing advices.


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