Sexuality During Pregnancy

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A pregnant woman’s body undergoes many changes, which can be unsettling both to her sense of self and sexual identity. In the first trimester, your breasts become enlarged, which may be welcome or not along with your growing belly. Questioning your

perceptions of yourself and your desirability is very normal.  It can be helpful to consciously relax and let go into these many transformations as Nature’s plan miraculously unfolds. Know that you are beautiful as you are creating life. You are literally stretched in a very good way to become more loving towards yourself in every respect and in relationship with your partner and baby. This is the ideal time to take care of yourself and to receive all of the love that you need.

Pregnancy and sexuality are very much positively linked as lovemaking creates your baby! Sex during pregnancy is safe until the baby is delivered unless your doctor asks you to refrain for medical reasons. Both physical and emotional closeness will enhance your well-being. Expecting couples need to express love, tenderness and reassurance towards each other as both are undergoing many psychological changes, while moving towards new roles of parenthood. Make sure to provide times for intimacy and stress relief.  Nonverbal give and take can be shared through touching, stroking, frequent eye contact and more slowed down lovemaking (in the third trimester). Sexual positions may need to change in order to feel more feel comfortable and not put weight directly on your stomach.  I inform women to buy a wedge for their backs and to experiment with spooning and other positions. Some pregnant women have more sexual arousal than normal because of pressure on the uterus and sexual organs, which can heighten arousal or not.

 Open up to your radiance and sensuality with new expressions of your sexuality!

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