Happy Mother’s Day!

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83907880Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!  You are so valuable to your loved ones who look to your love for the rest of their lives. More than anyone else, you influence your child’s experience of the world as either a welcoming or a hostile place.  What an incredibly exciting and important job description to nurture a child’s potential!  

Being a mom requires much dedication, as we mother for many years.  Unfortunately our American society undervalues motherhood.  The U.S. ranks 26th in the world in support for  mothering.  Women who decide to mother need both our daily encouragement and quality education to do it well. They need help from their own mothers, spouses, partners, families, extended families, friends, other moms, coaches, employers, communities and country.  Yes, it does take a village to raise a child.  We must help each other.

Mothers are not perfect and make a lot of mistakes, which are probably largely not intentional, as many of us unconsciously parent as we were parented.  This is why I am an advocate for conscious parenting, which means planning for your children, setting your parenting intentions and priorities, and meeting these obligations with your best efforts.

Getting off to the right start with your mothering makes a big difference as you get to know your baby’s needs and personality.  This bonding creates safe and loving, long-term attachment to each other which is priceless.  Each child is different and that is the fun of it.  On Mother’s day you deserve, kisses, hugs, and compliments. We all thank you for being there for your loved ones and children.


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