Learning Before Birth

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fetusThe womb is your child’s first school.  Studies show that fetal stimulation creates smarter and happier children.  How do we optimize conditions to enhance security and learning? First of all, the expecting mother should guard her own health as she is the developing template for her baby.  She needs to establish good eating habits, stay calm and minimize excess stress.  Physical activity during pregnancy, like stretching, walking, and running, promotes the good circulation of breath and fluids.  Many pregnant women who work are tied to their computers in a stationary position for long hours. They need to take frequent movement breaks and make time for prenatal dance and yoga that soothes and calms them and their baby.  In the third trimester, mothers can tire easily and need to slow down and rest.

Also, the mother’s and father’s conscious interaction and bonding with the unborn baby helps him feel loved and wanted.  Like all young children, they want their parents to talk, play, and read to them. They prefer to hear classical music and happy songs. Each pregnant woman needs to care for herself and become informed about how to support her baby’s first development.  Do you think that our society adequately supports pregnant women and their babies?  I invite your comments.


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